Canon today expanded their suite of compact cameras with the addition of three new models to the PowerShot series – PowerShot G7X, PowerShot SX60 HS, and PowerShot N2. The PowerShot G7X is a new premium compact in the G series, with a wide aperture bright lens and a large sensor for superior image quality, especially in low-light environments. The PowerShot SX60 HS is a super-zoom compact, well-suited for travel and sports photography possessing the world’s highest zoom capability in its class with a 65x zoom lens[1]. The PowerShot N2 is the newest member to Canon’s innovative N series, intricately designed to be the perfect selfie camera with numerous fun features.

“Canon’s new host of compact cameras is designed to deliver better image quality and performance. To differentiate our products in an increasingly competitive market, the PowerShot G7 X, PowerShot SX60 HS and PowerShot N2 have been designed with enhanced image quality and zoom capabilities, and embody trend-setting concepts to meet the needs of various users,” said Bong Serevo, Head of Division for Consumer Imaging and Information Division, Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.


PowerShot G7X – Canon’s new premium compact camera

Canon has unveiled its latest camera in premium line under its PowerShot G series – PowerShot G7X, possessing superb image quality in the class of compact cameras. This outstanding quality is supplemented with enhanced user control in both the camera interface as well as physical controls, making it ideal for advanced photographers and enthusiasts.

PowerShot G7XSuperior and stunning image quality

The PowerShot G7X delivers impeccable image quality while retaining the slim form factor of a compact camera. Boasting a large 1” 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the PowerShot G7X is capable of capturing a myriad of images under various lighting conditions. The camera also delivers on high-quality macro shots at a minimum focal distance of 5cm.

The PowerShot G7X is equipped with a bright f/1.8 lens, creating a more shallow depth of field to achieve better subject contrast, delivering the effect of a sharp foreground focus against a softer background. The increased sensor size will enable more light to be captured, making it possible to capture clear photos in dimly-lit environments. Coupled with 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm, the PowerShot G7X will be able to create circular blurs to produce a beautiful bokeh effect. The PowerShot G7X’s ZoomPlus technology allows the 4.2x zoom lens to be extended up to 8.4x while maintaining high image quality. Its broad zoom range is equivalent to a 24mm-100mm lens, making the PowerShot G7X flexible in capturing both wide and telephoto images. The PowerShot G7X makes use of a 31-point AF, to ensure the desired object is always in focus. This enables the PowerShot G7X to cover a larger area in the frame and enhances its accuracy in determining the subject.

Powered by the latest DIGIC 6 imaging processor, the PowerShot G7X has a swift start-up time to capture unexpected moments. The PowerShot G7X also has a high speed AF where continuous AF shooting at full resolution can take place indefinitely till the camera battery runs out or the memory card is full.


Premium design and flexible interface for ease of use

From the diamond knurl pattern on the dials and lens barrel to the subtle red accent on the base of the shutter release and mode dial, the PowerShot G7X exudes sophistication in its form. For a better grip and user experience, a more tactile finish has been incorporated onto the exterior of the PowerShot G7X, with a raised shape on the finger rest.

The PowerShot G7X comes with a 180 degrees tilt touchscreen LCD to allow flexible shooting. A touchscreen interface allows features and functions to be easily accessible via simple tap and swipe motions. The ring control, built into the lens barrel enables quick and easy adjustments to basic functions like shutter speed and aperture whilst the stacked mode dial tweaks exposure compensation.

Advanced movie functions for greater user control

The PowerShot G7X goes beyond ‘point and shoot’ with the Manual Movie mode available for greater control over the shooting style. The Manual Movie mode allows advanced users to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting. Users can make these adjustments through the manual control rings and touch screen even while recording. Fast moving objects are captured crisply and in smoother transitions with the PowerShot G7X’s ability to record full HD 60p MP4 movies.

Connectivity for sharing on the go

Built-in wireless capabilities and Near Field Communication (NFC) support allows the convenience of sharing images and videos via the Canon CameraWindow app. Connectivity to Wi-Fi enables images to be posted directly to Canon iMage Gateway, an exclusive online photography resource and service, as well as other social media websites.


PowerShot SX60 HS – World’s highest class 65x zoom lens

Possessing the world’s highest zoom capability in its class at 65x optical zoom, the 16.1 megapixel PowerShot SX60 HS is ideal for travel and sports photographers, where zoom empowers users to capture subjects from long distances.

PowerShot SX60 HSWorld’s highest class 65x zoom lens in a compact form

The PowerShot SX60 HS has a dynamic zoom range, going from an ultra wide angle 21mm to a far-reaching 1365mm. To improve stability at high zoom in the PowerShot SX60 HS, a large premium grip with leather-like material and flexible elastomer material enables the camera to be held comfortably. The Zoom Framing Assist button is ergonomically placed on the lens barrel to allow convenient activation while maintaining a solid grip, thereby allowing the user to shoot for prolonged periods of time and minimizing fatigue.  Boasting a macro mode of 0cm, the PowerShot SX60 HS will be able to capture minute objects and close-up shots vividly. Integrated with Canon’s ZoomPlus technology, the camera’s optical zoom is doubled and its reach further extended to 130x zoom, enabling it to capture the fine details of distant subjects.

The PowerShot SX60 HS is also armed with Advanced Zoom Framing Assist feature, and Zoom Memory to harness high-magnification shooting to help the user maintain a well-composed shot. Under the Advanced Zoom Framing Assist feature, the Seek Assist function allows the camera to intelligently detect panning and reacquire a fast-moving subject that has moved out of frame by automatically zooming out to the widest angle for a view of the entire scene. Once the subject is found and re-framed, the PowerShot SX60 HS automatically reverts to the previous zoom level to resume shooting. Zoom Memory, when activated, saves the last used zoom and manual focus settings, even after the camera has been turned off, making it a handy feature for users to recompose the shot following a battery or SD card change.

Advanced movie functions for greater user control

The PowerShot SX60 HS grants unprecedented control in video recording on a compact camera with Manual Movie mode. This mode allows advanced users to adjust settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

For enhanced sound-capturing quality, the PowerShot SX60 HS comes with an external microphone terminal that can be used in conjunction with an optional external microphone. The buttons and parts of the PowerShot SX60 HS are all designed to be silent to eliminate camera-related sound interference.



Flexibility to match individual styles of shooting

When shooting at high zoom, the PowerShot SX60 HS’s built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) allows the user to compose the shot with more stability and to avoid disruptive sun-glare. With an advanced display with 922,000 dots, images seen through the EVF will be sharp and highly detailed. A flip-out vari-angle LCD monitor, which can be rotated to many different angles, also allows comfortable composition of either high or low angle shots.


Freedom from wired connections

Equipped with in built Wi-Fi capability, the PowerShot SX60 HS can be connected effortlessly to printers and smart devices for the uploading of photos and videos directly to Canon iMage Gateway as well other social networking sites. Additionally, the PowerShot SX60 HS possesses NFC capabilities, so users can easily share images and videos via Canon CameraWindow app with their loved ones.


PowerShot N2 – New concept camera for selfie lovers

To meet the growing demand of users who embrace the ‘selfie’ (self-portrait photograph) trend, Canon’s PowerShot N2 has been intricately designed to be more user-friendly than ever, and now allows users to be more expressive with their photographs.

PowerShot N2Freedom to take self-portraits from any angle

The trendy PowerShot N2 is designed for users to take perfectly framed selfie shots. Its compact form and rounded edges make it comfortable to hold in almost any angle, and its new 180-degree tilt touchscreen LCD giving freedom in taking photos from different points of view. With the new all-round release, triggering the PowerShot N2’s shutter is easier than ever, requiring a simple squeeze to the lens ring from any direction. With just one hand, the user may adjust the zoom or triggering the shutter in one swift motion.


The Self Portrait mode enhances self-portraits through brightening and smoothing the skin digitally. This mode also applies a background defocus to create the effect of a sharp focus on the face against a soft background blur. The Self Portrait mode is also automatically activated when the tilt LCD is raised to 180 degrees. Alternatively, it can be manually selected from the SCN settings.


A fun user-experience with advanced Creative Shot Movies

With the introduction of the advanced Creative Shot (movie) mode, users will experience the fun of creating a dynamic highlights reel. In this mode, users can select from four categories: Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural. After choosing the category, a simple press of the record button takes a short clip of two to six seconds with a category filter the PowerShot N2 intelligently applies to enhance the movie. Thereafter, a highlights reel of up to 24 seconds will be automatically generated by stitching a maximum of four clips.


Sleek and Stylish Form Factor

The PowerShot N2 features symmetrical curves and a compact design, making it an easy fit into a pocket or purse. Available in white or pink, users may choose either colour to match their fashion identities.


Easy Connectivity for Sharing on the Go

With built in Wi-Fi, photos and movies can be shared instantaneously on social networking sites. Being NFC-enabled, the files can be transferred to compatible NFC-enabled mobile devices via the Canon CameraWindow app. Through easy, wireless connectivity to smart devices, printers, and the Canon iMage Gateway, user convenience is now greatly increased.


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Summary of Product Specifications


PowerShot G7 X

Dimensions: Approx. 103.0 x 60.4 x 40.4mm

Weight: Approx.  304g

Lens: 4.2x optical zoom IS (8.4x ZoomPlus)

Focal length: 24-100mm

Aperture: f/1.8-f/2.8

Image sensor: 20.2 mega-pixel 1.0 type CMOS sensor

Imaging processor: DIGIC 6

Maximum video quality: Full HD 60p

LCD: 3.0” (approx. 1,040,000 dots) 180-degree tilt touchscreen

Connectivity: WiFi/NFC, Mobile Device Connect Button

Battery type: NB-13L


PowerShot SX60 HS

Dimensions: Approx. 127.6 x 92.6x  114.3mm

Weight: Approx. 650g

Lens: 65x optical zoom IS (130x ZoomPlus)

Focal length: 21-1365mm

Aperture: f/3.4-f/6.5

Image sensor: 16.1 mega-pixel 1/2.3 type CMOS sensor

Imaging processor: DIGIC 6

Maximum video quality: Full HD 60p

LCD: 3.0” (approx. 922,000 dots) vari-angle

Electronic viewfinder: Approx. 922,000 dots

Connectivity: WiFi/NFC, Mobile Device Connect Button

Battery type: NB-10L



PowerShot N2

Dimensions: Approx. 80.9 x 62.0 x 32.3mm

Weight: Approx. 201g

Lens: 8x optical zoom IS

Focal length: 28-224mm

Aperture: f/3.0-f/5.9

Image sensor: 16.1 mega-pixel 1/2.3 type CMOS sensor

Imaging processor: DIGIC 6

Maximum video quality: Full HD 30p

LCD: 2.8” (approx. 461,000 dots) 180-degree tilt screen

Connectivity: WiFi/NFC, Mobile Device Connect Button

Battery type: NB-9L



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