The reactor industry can be considered the delicate flower in the manufacturing world. Not for what it creates. Rather, for the way catalysts and the resulting chemicals are handled. If not dealt with by capable and gentle hands, use and disposal of materials can cause devastating results to infrastructure and workers.

Property Management

This is why some companies rely on catalyst property management organization to handle the day-to-day operations when it comes to reactor materials. If your management team is looking to do this to ease the pressure off of employees and focus on manufacturing, here are some things to consider.

How Long Have They Been in Business

Some recommended company, like Reactor Services International, have handled property management of catalyst materials for decades. Others have only done so for a few years. While it may seem like a newer company would have updated knowledge to better help you, the long-standing company has the current and past knowledge to work off of.

What do They Do?

A property management team should handle a number of aspects when it comes to catalysts. For example, Reactor loading & unloading, cleaning, internal repairs, vacuuming & screening, and blending & packaging. In addition, they should maintain existing ISO certifications and have their employees go through an OSHA-specified physical examination.

How Pro-Active Are They

Like any property management team, the one your company considers should be pro-active. Not to the point they take action without approval. Rather, they should come to company executives to discuss issues they see as potentially troublesome at a later date. While management may not do anything about this, at least it is recorded in case it happens.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for property management should not take up most of the company’s revenue. It should be fair enough so the Return on Investment (ROI) is equal or more to contract payments. If done this way, your managers and the property management team will have a long and prosperous relationship.

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