ClixSense may be just another paid-to-click (PTC) program online. Others may even tagged it as a scam but for some, it is a legit money-making site.

ClixSense works the same as other PTC sites. It pays you for every advertisement or sponsored website that you visit or view. It may not be that much but at least, you are earning from those spare time that you spent online. Problem is, ClixSense is not a security company. It does not filter the sites that it shows to its users. So, if a certain website that has been involved to scams or has malware scripts came to them for sponsorship, users will be exposed to it.

Here comes Trend Micro, a security software company. If you’re using one of their software, you should be familiar with their Web Reputation Service (WRS). It provides page ratings to inform you if the website that you’re about to access is safe or not. If even blocked the page if records show that it has been involved to scams or has been transmitting malicious scripts.

According to it’s site, WRS “uses all types of data collected by Trend Micro’s threat data collection network as a foundation in analyzing links embedded in domains, web pages, and websites. It then records the analysis in the database. When a user accesses a website, the Web Reputation Service automatically queries the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. If a user connects to a domain, website, or webpage that has malicious or inappropriate characteristics, it will instantly block access to prevent infection by malicious programs and avoid phishing scam websites.”

So, if you are highly involved to PTC sites, you are more exposed to web threats than anyone else. It is best to keep your computer safe.

To know more about ClixSense, you may refer to this link. To get yourself a new Trend Micro subscription, click here.

Full disclosure: I work for Trend Micro but this blog is not connected to Trend Micro in anyway nor do they have control over the articles that I write.

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