Why Managing Your Online Data Is Important

Cybersecurity is very important to protect you when you're online. Data breaches are the reason a lot of people lose information to online identity thieves, this is exactly why using acid transactions is so beneficial, as they … [Read more...]

Heartbleed bug spreads in spam mails

Following the most talked about security concern recently, the discovery of Heartbleed Bug, everyone is being told to be wary of their accounts online. Since Heartbeat Extension, the OpenSSL extension first introduced in late … [Read more...]

Switch your current antivirus to Trend Micro for free

Now is the time for you to experience the best Internet security in the market. Trend Micro offers complete digital protection across almost all devices (Windows/Mac computer, Android tablet/smartphone). So, if you still have … [Read more...]

ClixSense works well with Trend Micro Web Reputation Service

ClixSense may be just another paid-to-click (PTC) program online. Others may even tagged it as a scam but for some, it is a legit money-making site.ClixSense works the same as other PTC sites. It pays you for every advertisement … [Read more...]

Trend Micro releases Titanium 2013 with Social Networking Protection

Trend Micro, a leading cloud security company, released today its latest security software for consumers - Titanium Internet Security 2013.The Titanium brand is available in five variants - the entry level Titanium Antivirus+, … [Read more...]

DNSChanger malware to shut down Internet access in July 9

After heating up the news late last week, some people are now in panic as their computer may have been infected with a malware reported by FBI after a series of investigation.DNSChanger, also known as "RSPlug," "Puper," and … [Read more...]

Manage your Passwords Conveniently with DirectPass

Trend Micro, a leading online security company, recently launched DirectPass, a software that manages website passwords and login IDs. To eliminate the growing numbers of identity fraud victims, Trend Micro introduces a software … [Read more...]

Nuffnang Philippines: Newest Target of Internet Phishing?

Nuffnang Philippines, one of the most popular online advertising company in the country, recently released its statement pertaining to the internet phishing attack affecting its members.The growing number of bloggers in the … [Read more...]