After heating up the news late last week, some people are now in panic as their computer may have been infected with a malware reported by FBI after a series of investigation.

DNSChanger, also known as “RSPlug,” “Puper,” and “Jahlav” is a malware created by a group of Internet hackers named Rove Digital in 2007 that modifies the Domain Name Server (DNS) thereby diverting users to the hackers’s site or server when browsing a legitimate website online. Per news reports, FBI will start shutting down infected computers’s access to the internet starting tomorrow, July 9. Cybercrime gang Rove Digital was busted by the FBI’s Operation Ghost Click last fall.

In the Philippines, telecommunications giants PLDT and Smart have sent notifications to their subscribers to have their computers checked as early as June 27th. 

To automatically check if your computer is infected, FBI had established websites for the public to use. Visit either of the two links below: 

Should you fail to check your computer’s status, there are still ways on how you can get rid of the infection come July 9th. You may refer to the link below for the step-by-step instructions: 

To know more about this malware, visit the link below:

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