Popular businessman Manny Pangilinan officially joined the social network giant Twitter hours before his talk at the 6th Internet and Mobile Marketing (IMMAP) Summit with a speech themed “Why My Heart is in Digital” last Friday, August 25, 2012.

Business tycoon Manny Panglinan, also known as MVP, is the name behind successfull brands Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), Smart Communications, Inc. and TV5. Being at the center of these technologically-inclined companies, the attempt to register his own account in the social networking world is a good move to expose himself to that digital world that his companies is serving.
Just before his speech ended, Pangilinan’s Twitter account reached at least 2,000 followers. As of this writing, there are 14,140 and counting followers of the @iamMVP account. MVP currently follows only one out of his numerous followers – @InterAksyon – Twitter account of InterAksyon, the online news portal of TV5. Since it’s creation on Friday, MVP posted only four tweets yet as of today, August 27th.

Pangilinan’s first-ever tweet goes: “Just came from #IMMAPSummit2012 What a group. The new movers and shakers. Thank you for having me. I’m glad it’s over, what a relief :)”

Per Inquirer.net, MVP is “the first top corporate head honcho to join social networking site Twitter, showing everyone exactly why he leads the country’s largest telco.”

This post was first published at KabayanTech.com.
Photo Credit: InterAksyon.com.

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