I’ve been blogging for like seven years now and so I’ve tried several ways on how I can value my readers by constantly replying to their comments. I even tried putting up a chat box just to make sure that they can easily contact me. But then, the feature is so limited that I had to be on my blog itself just to manage every conversation there.

Now, here comes an innovative way to manage all your conversations online – RumbleTalk. Unlike any other chat service available, RumbleTalk lets you keep up with the ongoing conversation in your blog without you actually dropping by. It has a dashboard where you can see all messages posted and you can reply to them in an instant. What makes it more tempting to try is that it’s a free service.

I immediately setup RumbleTalk on my blog to personally see how it works. The process is easy-to-follow. If you’ve encountered any issues or have questions, their How To? tab is filled with useful information in troubleshooting.

After setting up, I refreshed my blog and found a little icon floating on the lower right screen. This is RumbleTalk. By clicking on it, you’ll be asked to log in as a guest (if you’re a reader) or through your RumbleTalk account. It also has options to login using your Twitter or Facebook account which is for me, on a reader’s perspective, a hassle-free registration process.

I tried going in to my Dashboard to see how it updates itself with the on-going conversation in my blog. It really works! And then, I found out as well that since RumbleTalk is a Chat-to-Go service, you can also check and manage conversations using your mobile, tablet or PC. Imagine convenience.

For us bloggers, this kind of chat service is really helpful as this will make our community more active. The interaction can be more lively as well as RumbleTalk allows you to edit the theme of the chat design. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m currently using it on this blog. You may check it as well and try it yourself. Head on to RumbleTalk’s site and sign up now.

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