The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is celebrating its 50th founding anniversary today, December 26, 2018. While the group honored their comrades who served as “revolutionary heroes and martyrs” through the years, and highlighted their accumulated “great achievements and revolutionary victories”, their official website was reportedly attacked with a Denial of Service (Dos).

On their official Twitter account maintained by the CPP Information Bureau (@PRWC_info), the party claimed that their website is indeed under DoS since this afternoon. They since advised everyone to download the CPP Central Committee’s statement on their 50th anniversary through a Google Drive link. Their website remains inaccessible as of this writing.

Apart from the DoS attack, there were also some reports on social media saying that their website has been defaced. However, upon closely checking, a new domain has been put up while the official domain is out.

CPP’s official website is under the domain The one that was said to be defaced is under the domain We have contacted CPP through their official Twitter account if they are aware of this domain.

By merely checking the whois records of these two domains, you would notice that the defaced website was just created last December 12th whereas the official one has been registered since 2016. One could easily speculate that the DoS attack and the fake domain are related.

Back on the fake domain, the content used the logo of Anonymous Philippines. However, on their Facebook Page, Anonymous Philippines did not claim responsibility on the act but shared a similar report from Pinoy Hacker News.

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