I’ve been wanting to have a car since graduating high school. To tell you honestly, though I was just residing in Bulacan, a few kilometres to Manila, I thought, enrolling in college not just ends with buying books and uniforms. I thought of it as having your own car. But as I reached college, I realized that it’s not. Most of the college students are just commuting going to school. And so, I waited for my dream car. My parents told me that they are going to give it to me once I graduate. And now that I’m graduating this March 2010, I’m so excited to drive my graduation gift!
I was reviewing this site, TheCarConnection.com, to get some ideas for getting my dream car. Of course, I still have a say for this whenever my parents would ask me my graduation gift. I saw this 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class. Good thing about the site is that they were able to review this car so I get some feedback with this. Quite classy but I’m thinking of it as not of the sporty one that most of my generation would love to get. Plus the fact that it’s obviously pricey.
There’s another, the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid Specs can somehow help me choose the one that fits my personality. It has four trims to choose from.   The other one, the 2010 BMW Z4-Series is also interesting and catchy. I think, the style and look of this car is perfect to me. Hopefully, I could suggest this to my parents and maybe, just maybe, they could give this as their graduation gift.

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