The 2013 Toyota Highlander is a mid-sized SUV with a lot of extras and safety that people need in a good vehicle. One of the things that draws people away from the SUV is the fuel economy, but the Highlander won 2012 Best Overall Value by IntelliChoice. One of the things that really shows the quality and cost comparison is the Highlander Cost of Ownership tool from Toyota. They did a study to see how many vehicles in the same model market can really stand up to the performance of the Highlander. There weren’t too many that had the same price point, warranties, finance rates or low car depreciation rates. The cost of ownership tool looks over a span of five years at SUVs can start to cost more for the owner because of fuel needs, repair costs, finance rates and much more. On average, Toyota’s costs are much less than other popular car makers. The Toyota Highlander also has a lot of accessories to go with its amazing design and fuel efficiency. Its powerful V6 engine and car handling make it a top choice for those who need a dependable vehicle every day. These are also the best choice for families that need a good mid-size vehicle that doesn’t have the weight and fuel costs of a larger SUV or van. Highlander’s really hold their value as well. You won’t find a used Highlander for very cheap even if you go back a few years. They really hold their value and that’s why it’s such a great purchase for anyone who needs a new vehicle.

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