Google removes fake antivirus app ‘Virus Shield’


Google decided to remove its top mobile app ‘Virus Shield’ in Play Store for scamming thousands of Android users who have downloaded and purchased the security app.

‘Virus Shield’ claimed to protect Android smartphones from all types of malware (viruses and spyware) and can help improve speed of the phone all for just $3.99. The security app package seemed to be a pretty good deal that’s why thousands of users have been attracted to purchase it. The app even managed to get a 4.7-star rating and receive more than 2,000 recommendations in Google Play Store. This made ‘Virus Shield’ the top paid app in Android and third overall.

However, Android Police‘s review of the app revealed that ‘Virus Shield’ has no security benefit at all. None of the features it previously claim is on its code tagging the app as a fake antivirus mobile security.

Google is quick to address the concern by removing it in their system. In an interview with The Guardian, the developer behind the fake app will be refunding the customers who have been fooled to purchase it and clarified that they did not intend to scam Android users with a non-functional app.

With this incident, users are questioning if Google is really doing something to filter out threats from the Android system. Compared to Appl’es ‘walled garden’ in iOS, Google’s Android open app store is obviously prone to abuse.

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