Pokemon Go releases mobile app, blocks access in PH


Pokemon GO is undoubtedly a hit in the Philippines. While the country is not included in the initial list where the mobile app is available for download, Filipinos find a way to try it out.

Pokemon GO made an official debut to Android and iOS users on July 6 (PH time). However, the app is initially available only on selected countries as the developers slowly roll it out to the rest of the world.

The Filipinos seemed to be eager to first play it on their mobile phones. APK files of the app were shared all through out Facebook making the game viral even without the official release.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO’s servers outside the unauthorized areas went offline hours later including that of the Philippines. With this, players who have downloaded the unofficial APK file won’t be able to catch any Pokemons anymore until the country gets included in the next batch of the app’s roll out.

As to when will Pokemon GO up the servers or include the Philippines to their next roll out, that we all have to monitor.

The Pokemon Go mobile app is an augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and developed by Niantic Labs.

In 2014, a similar game called Pokemon Challenge was introduced in Google Maps as an April Fool’s prank.

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