I got an email from Haloscan, my free commenting system integrated on this blog, that they’ll be shutting down the service on February 2010. I was really disappointed with this announcement. What the heck are they talking about? Haloscan has been on my blog for almost two years. I tried other free commenting service such as of Disquss and Intense Debate but since I was not that technically knowledgeable with all those HTML codes, I stayed with Haloscan who has an easier way of installing a commenting system.

I checked the link on the email from Haloscan and the news was real. They are suggesting that I could export all my Haloscan comments but they were not sure of any other free email commenting system that could help us, Haloscan bloggers, to import our comments. Another suggestion was to try the 30-day free commenting system of their newest service- Echo. But since this was only offered for free for the first 30 days, I’ll be paying the service after the offer. That sucks!

I tried googling suggestions from those Haloscan bloggers who were also affected with this news. There are great posts on suggesting how to import Haloscan comments to Disquss and Intense Debate like the one from Lateral Opinion. But this steps would require time, as the author quoted on the post, it took him half a day to transfer his Haloscan comments. I don’t have such amount of time to spend online.

This problem really gave me headaches. I know there’s nothing permanent in this world but Haloscan should’ve provided us easier options in transferring our comments to Disquss or Intense Debate. To hell those business policies that they may be applying on this issue. They should have helped us in this matter rather than suggesting to move to a paid commenting system that they are running.

Hopefully, I could be able to fix this problem before everything got messed up. For now, I exported all my Haloscan comments and will be importing it to Disquss when I find time to do the half day process.
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