I can still remember my late elementary and early high school years. I just love music. I’d love to sing along with the hit makers during those times. I just so love music that when I found my dad’s old but slightly used Sony Walkman (since he’s not that type of a music lover but loved to purchase something everytime he has money), without any permission, I claimed it mine.

I usually hang out with my older cousin on our subdivision’s club house. We stayed there for a couple of hours the whole afternoon. We’ll have conversations with anything under the sun but our Walkman’s are still intact, supplying music to our endless conversations.

The best thing about this memory that I have in my adolescent years is that I’m relying to the songs that somehow capture my moments. My mind’s creativity side was honed during these years. It’s like I’m having soundtracks on every different stories that my life is experiencing.

My adolescent years won’t be such creative and such memorable without the help of my Sony Walkman. It proved something in me, that even though I was not blessed with a wonderful voice, I have this heart for notes, rhythms, melodies and lyrics. And that music, though I was not born for it, had been an essential part of my life.

My Sony Walkman back then was my greatest musical asset. If others have their guitar as best friend, this is mine. It’s always with me and almost became a part of my body. Always present in my pocket. Counterpart of today’s cellphone.

I just can’t see my past without my inclination to music. And when I say music, it’s all about my Sony Walkman – the primary reason why music had been integrated in my life’s journey.

It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Portable Music Player, the new generation musical gadget.

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