The article from ABS-CBNNews Online that confirmed the network’s acquisition to the ever famous Twilight movie for a TV series remake is no longer accessible.

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In an article posted by pinoyjourn in his Multiply blog, he pointed two probable reasons why the network pulled out the article – either ABS-CBN just published the article to “be a trial balloon, a feasibility test by ABS-CBN before buying the rights to see how fans would take it”; or the broadcasting giant really got the rights for the remake but “for a lack of strategic thinking, rode on the recent success of the movie here that it quickly decided to release the news.”

My point is, the fact that the confirmation article was published on the news website of the network, it’s supposed to be factual. It should be true – nothing more, nothing less.

I was kind of reminded with what the previous blog post I published here in Hiraya regarding Marky Cielo’s wake where a Kapamilya ( an insider or just a loyal fan) posted on Team Kapamilya Multiply an article where the writer claimed GMA Network for being bias on securing an exclusive airing of the young actor’s burial. Where in fact, the very reason why ABS-CBN was not allowed to cover the event is because of it’s inability to respect Marky’s mother’s decision not to show her son’s face on the camera. Later that day, after the article which was posted as a message on the Multiply site was published, the URL is no longer accessible (though it was later posted with similar entry but with add-ons).

The deletion and re-publishing of the article/message on Team Kapamilya Multiply site is acceptable knowing that it was just a fan site. So everybody could post their own comments and views there. Nothing is official unless confirmed by the network.

But this time, after checking the Takipsilim URL on ABS-CBNNews Online, and realizing that it was no longer accesible gave me some notions that the network failed some truths to it’s journalism practice. Why would they have to publish an article that they would later delete? Well, maybe the network has some good reasons for that. But, I hope they could clear this thing before claiming that their news website is really for news.

Personal Note: I believe I am not a journalist to post something about this or to accused a network’s news credibility. I just want things to be cleared.

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