You’ve probably heard ABS-CBN Mobile entering the local telecommunications industry to offer more than the usual call and text offers of the giant networks. This time, global phone manufacturer Samsung joined the local telco players by introducing the first exclusive mobile branded SIM – the Samsung Galaxy Data SIM.

Similar to ABS-CBN Mobile, Samsung Galaxy Data SIM is powered by Globe Telecom. As its name suggests, the new data SIM is bundled for free with selected Samsung smartphones and tablets available from participating Samsung Experience Stores, kiosks and other local distributors. Basically, it’s a prepaid data SIM.

Samsung Galaxy Data SIM also offers call and text promos on top mobile Internet. Since it’s backed by Globe, it’s offerings are inline with the current offerings of the Ayala-led network tailored to Samsung-branded gadgets and users.

Samsung Galaxy Data SIM was first introduced late last year but didn’t make much noise probably because there’s no wide spread marketing campaign made. Also, there are no new stuff on it that makes it different from other SIM cards unlike with ABS-CBN Mobile data SIM where users can watch Kapamilya shows via streaming.

At this point, Samsung has not yet released any official plans whether to continue the Samsung Galaxy Data SIM or not. If Samsung Philippines is really interested in the local telco market, we’ll be seeing more features of the SIM coming out soon!

If you want to know more about this Galaxy SIM, visit Samsung Philippines.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Data SIM: A first of its kind”
  1. My goodness.. How come this sim is unique and different from the ordinary sim? it is till a 3g signal capable. I have here 100% LTE-A capable device made by Samsung.. All I need is 100% LTE network and SIM capable not a n old poor 3g signal speed.

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