Globe strives to help its growing userbase with all inquiries and concerns by putting up a new channel to reach out customers – the Globe Community.

Globe Community is a forum online powered by Lithium that empowers all users to collaborate and share tips and experiences of being a Globe subscriber.

Rather than lining up in a Globe store or wait over-the-phone until you reached a support representative to get you assisted, Globe is maximizing the power of Internet and social media to easily connect with the customers.

While it’s true that Globe’s attempt to personalize support experience by putting Twitter frontline representatives is a success, the network still believes that there’s more to offer in terms of customer service. Thus, rather than being complacent with the current service channels, the Ayala-led network unveiled Globe Community to empower each users to communicate to each other at the same time extend help to one another by merely sharing their first-hand experiences to troubled fellow subscribers.

Globe also rewards those active community members by setting up a ranking system that ‘game-ify’ the traditional forum format. There’s a ‘Thumbs Up’ feature that works like a ‘like’ button of Facebook. If you find a specific solution applicable and suits best to your concern, there’s an ‘Accept as Solution’ option as well. All these including the number of messages you’ve posted can unlock a certain level that can eventually give you privileges. Globe currently keeps these privileges secret as a surprise to those who can unlock these ranks.

So, if you have some concerns about your Globe and TM accounts or just wants to help others who are in trouble, go ahead and register to Globe Community. Enjoy!

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