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OLED TVs are fundamentally different from other TVs currently sold in the market, starting from the basic unit of images, known as pixels. Liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology—which powers most TVs, including those labeled as LED and UHD—use pixels that rely on LED backlighting. OLED uses organic material to produce self-lighting pixels, eliminating the need for backlights.

Less parts, slimmer profile

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The difference between OLED and conventional LED TVs is clear, right from the first glance—LED is noticeably thicker, heavier and bulkier because of the layers of panels, plates, sheets and reflectors behind the screen. With OLED TVs, all that’s needed for breathtakingly realistic colors and details is a single panel. This translates to a blade-slim profile and ultra-light screen that takes TV design to the next level.

Perfection in every pixel

Picture quality on OLED TVs is miles away from conventional LEDs. Images can be viewed with the full range of the brightest and darkest hues, closely matching the human eye’s color perception.

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The perfect, deepest blacks are delivered through OLED’s pixel-dimming capacity. The self-lighting pixels completely block light in dark images, eliminating the jarring backlight halo seen on LED TVs. OLED alone is capable of reaching 99% in the Digital Cinema Initiative color range and accuracy standard, as well as producing over a billion rich colors.

OLED’s near-perfect color accuracy has also caught the keen eye of veteran filmmakers, including Hollywood titans Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, The Martian) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now),

I think (OLED) is a game-changer,” said Scott in his opening address at the IFA 2015, Europe’s biggest tech show. “I’m happy to say that I would love to have all my films viewed on the revolutionary LG OLED TV.”

Larger-than-life sound

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A great entertainment experience has two distinct elements: superior picture quality and realistic sound. Audio industry leader harman/kardon is paving the way for cinematic-quality sound in premium home entertainment lines, including LG’s OLED TV.

Smarter TV

OLED’s capacity for greater, clearer, and richer detail allows for an improved Smart TV GUI (graphical user interface). Home entertainment innovators like LG are creating next-generation UI that involves intuitive solutions to make access and browsing easy, without blocking a significant portion of the screen. The new LG webOS 3.0 makes great use of OLED possibilities, resulting to smarter features such as Multi-View and Magic Zoom.

Unparalleled dynamism

Realistic and more immersive viewing experiences are now possible, thanks to innovative picture formats like HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

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Dolby Vision is a revolutionary technology that optimizes images 24 times per second for frame-by-frame dynamism and an unparalleled cinematic HDR (high dynamic range) experience. Only LG OLED TVs support both formats.

With the rest of the production industry moving exclusively toward Dolby Vision—including titans such as MGM, Disney, and Universal Studios—the world will soon embrace the technology developed by OLED pioneer LG for truly immersive home entertainment experiences.

Pitted against other products in the market, OLED technology—specifically the pioneering development from LG—caught the eye of the industry’s top publications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas.

Wired included the LG OLED TV in its 2015 list of “10 Truly Awesome TVs,” while C|Net and Digital Trends rated it 9/10 and 9.5/10, respectively.

Do you know what is the difference between a dolby atmos vs dolby digital? If not, we’ll update you on our next post and know it yourself.

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