Protect your Mac with Trend Micro’s MacClean Tool

Who says malware attacks are only focused on Windows-based computers? Mac users are now being targetted with threats and the most recent one is the malware known as Crisis or Morcut.

Leading security company, Trend Micro, recently released its free clean-up solution designed for Apple fans called MacClean. While the company has a paid security subscription, Smart Surfing for Mac, MacClean makes it for other antivirus users experience how Trend Micro seriously work when it comes to malware infections.
Per press release, once downloaded, this easy-to-use tool scans your Mac and alerts you to any infections found. On discovery of an infection, MacClean prompts you to remove the malware and notifies you once the clean-up has been successful.

Crisis, also known as Morcut, affects Snow Leopard and Lion users typically installs secretly on Macs and stays on the machines until it’s removed. Once installed, it runs certain commands that it receives remotely from a malicious user. Doing this puts affected Macs and information found on the Macs at great risk.

To know more about this Mac infection, you may refer to this blog.

Download the MacClean Tool for free at Trend Micro.

Full disclosure: I work for Trend Micro but this blog is not connected to Trend Micro in anyway nor do they have control over the articles that I write.

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