We have several reasons why we’re putting up a website. We also have a variety of reasons why we want to keep ourselves private from any possible identity theft or privacy concerns when we’re transacting online. Thus, the need to secure our personal information in the Internet is a very important issue.

The thing is, when register a certain domain, it requires you to enter your personal details. These pieces of information are also made available through Whois Public Internet Directory as required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). So, how can we cover up our identities when the process itself requires you to be transparent?

Here comes private domain registration. With this service, your contact information published through Whois will be replaced with a private and generic information. The service is good for just $11 per year. 

Private Domain Registration protect yourself from telemarketing people who used to track down private information that are easily accessible online. You’ll get rid of spammers and data miners as well.

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