Shopping has never been this so exciting in the Philippines. A third world country having the most number of malls in the cities and growing online shoppers, I don’t really see the country being in a third world status. Filipinos just love shopping!

And just as I wanted to explore the variety of things the world wide web offers, I drop by at this Pinoy online shopping center – The site is a haven of products and services being offered at very low prices you could imagine! You can even join the fun and sell your own stuff. Well, basically, the site is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell various items.

I tried searching for watches since my old one just gave up for being of service since my high school days. It’s been with me for like six years and I think it’s about time for him to rest.

By just browsing on the list of watches the site offers, it’s like I’m torn between this and that. Funny it seems that buying online is just like your shopping in your favourite boutique. But I guess, it’s more stress-free here. gives you the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your bed. But just a reminder, shopaholics still needs to control their money. I , for instance, am having a hard time choosing what to buy next after being able to navigate on the whole web site. There are a lot of items that it offers and you’ll surely love to visit this site over and over! Sa, ayos talaga dito!

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