In current days, many have left and still many are leaving their home and family to move to the United States looking for a better and greener pasture for the betterment of their loved ones at home. Many have heard of the many opportunities and benefits available in the states.

Some of these foreigners are looking for better opportunities to start a business or to expand their business. Some of them have even borrowed money for fares, etc. to travel to the states and they are prepared to sacrifice by doing a few odd jobs a day. Some had entered the states illegally, were caught, and deported by the authorities.

For foreigners wanting to avoid trouble with the law, they will have to go through the proper channel to apply for a visa to enter the states legally. After having entered the states, there are two options opened for them. They can reside and work as an employee or form a small scale business. But before a foreigner can do any one of this, there are other requirements to meet. For those who are thinking of working as an employee, they have to obtain a Social Security Number or an SSN number and for those who want to work as a business owner will need to obtain an Employer Identification Number or an EIN number.

For a non-resident foreigner or alien who does not qualify for a SSN, he or she has to apply for an ITIN with the IRS. An ITIN number is needed to file a tax return if he or she needs to claim a refund of tax under the provision of a US tax treaty. The Inland Revenue Service issues ITIN numbers to foreign nationals and non-resident aliens who have federal tax reporting or filing requirements. Others who may need an ITIN number are dependents or spouse of a US citizen/resident alien, or a non-resident alien visa holder.

An ITIN application can do done by filing Form W-7 with a valid federal income tax return attached if available, and an original proof of identity or copies certified by issuing agency and foreign status documents. You can apply for ITIN at any time during the year, preferably together with the tax return before its due date to avoid interest and/or penalties. The application can be done at any of the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centre.

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