Trend Micro opens its doors to fresh and innovative concepts from college doctorate-levels nationwide as it launched the 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest for the first time in the Philippines.

Now on its fourth year, this Trend Micro international programming contest has been tapping young minds to formulate solutions to a specific problem. Trend Micro Taiwan has been sponsoring the event for the past three years and this is the first time that the contest will be having delegates from the Philippines to compete teams from Taiwan, China and Japan.

This year’s theme is Big Data. Students will have to create solutions and applications to a problem statement that Trend Micro will be sending via email to all registered teams. A minimum of two and a maximum of four students per team is required. Solutions will be evaluated based on volume, variety, velocity and veracity.

Trend Micro will be providing a Cloud Coach who is Senior Technical R&D Engineer by profession. They will be in charge of giving the necessary technical advise to the students.

For the Second Elimination Round, first and second team will receive USD 600 plus a three-day trip to Taipei while the third to tenth team will receive USD 300.

On its Final Round, first placer will receive USD 8000 + 5-day trip to China or Japan, second one will get USD 6000 + 5-day trip to China or Japan, third will have USD 5000 and the fourth to eight team will receive USD 2000.

Invite your classmates and schoolmates and form your group now. Deadline for registration is on May 12, 2013. To know more about the contest, click here. For finance and student loan options visit

NOTE: To make sure that that your registration pushed through, I will be verifying your names as well. Email your names to

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