As the 2012 nears to its final day, social network Twitter is partnering with Vizify to turn all ‘2012 tweets into a gorgeous, interactive infographic’ giving users a chance to see their Year on Twitter.

Twitter itself made a list of the most retweeted tweets, biggest conversations, original ideas that came to life because of Twitter, top trends of the year, and top new voices on Twitter. Twitter categorized their list to Golden Tweets, The Pulse of the Planet, Only on Twitter, Top Trend, and New Voices.

Under Golden Tweets, Twitter listed Brack Obama’s (@BarackObama) “Four more years” status posted moments before he affirm his election victory this year as the most retweeted status ever in Twitter history. Aside from Obama, Justin Bieber (@justinbieber), TJ Lang (@TJLang70), Team GB (@TeamGB) and Japan’s @yamachanoha are also part of this list.

Under Pulse of the Planet, Twitter listed the biggest conversations of 2012. This is only limited to “single events that generate a large number of Tweets and Retweets.” Among those who made it to the list are the Summer Olympics, U.S election, MTV Video Music Awards, Super Bowl, Euro 2012, Superstorm Sandy, UEFA Champions League Semi-Final, “Summer Wars” obsession, Whitney Houston and the controversial SOPA/PIPA bills.

On Only on Twitter, “tweets that came to life organically on Twitter” are named. This include NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (@NASAJPL)live tweet when the Curiosity rover made its descent onto the Red Planet, the International Space Station (ISS) captured live images of Sandy as it tore its way up the East Coast of the U.S., @L2012PoolCam’s live tweets with images from underneath the water during the London Olympics swimming races, Japanese mountaineer Nobukazu Kuriki (@kurikiyama_en)’s live tweet on his way up Mount Everest, the space shuttle Endeavour’s final ride was on the back of modified Boeing 747 to its new home in Los Angeles, and the blockbuster movie director James Cameron’s (@JimCameron) tweet down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

Top Trends listed the top conversation starters, political, sports, TV, movies, music, food, tech and even countries.

In New Voice, Twitter named the top high-profile users who joined in 2012. Steve Carell (TV), Mike Greenberg (News), Adel and Psy (Music), Pele (Sports), Benedict XVI (Human Interest/Religion), and Sen Dianne Feinstein (Politics) were just the few who made it to the list.

Twitter also welcomes its users to check their year on Twitter. You may click here on how to do so.

So, based on Twitter, have you had a great year this 2012?

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