It’s been a week since the new iOS7 has been released to public globally, last 18 September. It was introduced last July at the WWDC. Everyone had been talking about it ever since. Though it’s only available on BETA version and limited to developers, excitement can be felt radiating through the world wide web. Eager and Enthusiastic developers have had their opinions, app companies have their hands full creating an update to prepare for the iOS7 public release.

Here’s my top 7 new features of iOS7 that I like the most.
1. Photos and iCloud sharing
20130924-215855.jpgOne of the best feature of the iOS7 is the camera roll update, its smarter and much better on organizing “moments” based on location and time. AirDrop is a new way to share photos with other iOS7 users.


2. iTunes Radio
iTunes RadioFor music lovers and Pandora enthusiasts, you should check the iTunes Radio, you can create your own preferred station, playing the genre and artists you want to hear on your device in addition to its pre-loaded station.

3. A better Notification Center
20130924-220302.jpgThe overall notification center got an overhaul. A better and new look. Arrangement of notifications have been more organized in terms of categories, all, missed and today.

4. Siri just got a lot Smarter
20130924-220308.jpgA new voice is introduced to Siri, you can select a male or female voice for Siri depending on your preference. Siri can now speak French and German. Siri can now be integrated with Twitter, wikipedia and search results from Bing. It can control your device much better in terms of screen brightness, playback, connecting to Bluetooth and such.

5. Easy Access Controls
ios7-control-centerJust a swipe, the control center can be accessed. You have more quick access to the basic settings of your phone like wifi, airplane mode specially flashlight.

6. Smarter Multitasking
20130924-220313.jpgIt can now display the application interface instead of an icon interface. Your most used and abused app would be automatically updated so you have an access to the up-to-date version.

7. Upgraded Apps
20130924-220318.jpgiOS default apps like calendar, mail and messages has been overhauled with the new interface of the iOS7, adapting the flat design UI. It is evitable in the weather app, where it portrays a beautiful weather update. The Calendar has a clean and neat design, perfect for OC freaks.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the key features of the new ios7.

Video credits to RedmondPieTV and subscribe to his channel for tech-related updates.

Share with us your favorite features of iOS7 via comment.


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