PH NGO certification body gets hacked

Website of Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) got hacked by a member of Pinoy Lulzsec earlier today.

PCNC is a private voluntary, non-stock, non-profit corporation that certifies non-profit organizations to be accredited for donee institution status.

The hacker identifies herself as J4N3, a returning member of the local blackhat group known to compromise websites ‘just for fun’. On her Facebook page, J4N3 targetted more than ten websites on her July 11 attack. PCNC could be her first for today.

Unlike other defacement messages, J4N3, the hacker, left a very simple mark of her alias and her affiliation on the website. Her simple cross-site scripting attack remains active as of this writing.

We will be contacting  PCNC about this security incident and keep this article updated for any new information.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Its been Month since the xss defacement
    But this site is not patch yet.

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