X-m3n of the local hacking group Pinoy Lulzsec is back to his usual habit of defacing websites just for fun. His latest subject, the local mobile brand Cherry Mobile.

Known for its cheap and affordable mobile units, Cherry Mobile instantly became the go-to brand of Filipinos who would want to own smartphones that carry the same look and feel as that of their expensive and popular counterparts.

Cherry Mobile is not in the headlines recently so one would wonder why they were targetted by X-m3n in his latest attacks. But, beyond the hacker’s personal reasons for defacing their website, this security breach should teach Cherry Mobile a lesson – that hackers are unpredictable and could attack you whenever they wish to.

This is also true for other companies who rely heavily on brand reputation. Banks and other financial institutions already invested in cybersecurity to protect their digital assets. This move could be very expensive for some companies like Cherry Mobile but they have to start somewhere.

Cherry Mobile has yet to release a statement about this recent hack. As of this writing, the defaced paths are still accessible.

Below are the compromised Cherry Mobile links:

  • https://cherrymobile.com.ph/X-m3n.html
  • http://ph.cherrymobile.com.ph/X-m3n.php
  • http://new.cherrymobile.com.ph/X-m3n.html

It is also worth noting that this isn’t the first time that the brand got defaced. As early as 2010, hackers under the name Pin0yeXpl0itTeam already compromised their page. Just last year, a hacker named Zerion, who seemed to be the same person behind the attack on the local IT recruitment firm Team Worx back in May, defaced the domain itself. Knowing these breaches, one would really question how Cherry Mobile is acting on their website security.

We’ll be contacting Cherry Mobile about this incident and we’ll keep you posted should they release an official statement.



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