After headlining early this month for hacking multiple Philippine-based websites, Pinoy Lulzsec is back once again after compromising two more local government sites (LGUs) and another from a state university.

The official website of the municipality of Camiling, Tarlac ( was first targetted yesterday by the mentioned Filipino hackers. The page remains active as of this writing.

The other defaced LGU site belongs to the city of Panabo in Davao del Norte ( Similar to Camiling’s site, the hacker that goes with the alias X-m3n also played around their website.

And the third page is from Cagayan State University Piat Campus ( The homepage looks messy to begin with and can be easily assumed that security might have been put aside when the website was set up.

We have since reported these incidents to 8888 for proper coordination with the respective owners of these government sites. We will also directly communicate with the site owners via their contact pages to inform them of these breaches. For easy reference, listed below are the reference numbers of our reports to 8888:

  • P20180422-456-11 (Panabo City Web Site)
  • P20180422-103-2 (Camiling, Tarlac Web Site)
  • P20180422-456-12 (CSU Piat Campus Web Site)

Pinoy Lulzsec seemed to enjoy toying with our government-managed websites. While we do not condone their actions, we call on our IT security professionals to help our government secure our websites. Web administrators of these breached webpages should also step up their skillsets by learning how to properly secure the websites that they manage.

Should we receive any feedback from the web administrators or from 8888, we’ll keep this post updated.



05/10/2018: Staff of Camiling, Tarlac called us about our 8888 report. According to the staff, they were not informed about the defacement and only knew about it today after receiving the 8888 report. They have also upgraded their website last April.

05/12/2018: We sent a copy of the screenshots that Camiling, Tarlac’s website was defaced along with the screenshot of the obtained database.

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