The webpage of the popular family entertainment center, World of Fun, has been defaced earlier this morning by the local hacking group Anonymous Sultan Kudarat.

According to the content that was uploaded to the website, the hacker behind this attack is also the same culprit behind the defacement of the website of Department of Education Marikina back in May. However, while the hacker was seemed to be concerned about the lack of security in DepEd Marikina’s homepage, Nero’s recent attack on World of Fun looks like a mere work of someone who does not have anything to do that day. He must’ve just been toying around when he stumbled to World of Fun and messed with their website.

Similar to the defacement made to Cherry Mobile (which, by the way, the compromised pages are still accessible as of this writing), the hacker has no specific purpose for compromising the domain.

For web administrators and IT security personnel, this is certainly a lesson that we should all be alarmed. We should seriously put the security of all the websites that we manage in top priority. This should also be a concern that our government should look into. What are they doing to help protect our digital landscape against these cybercriminals?

World of Fun might also consider putting up more robust security measures as apparently, this isn’t their first time to get compromised. Based on the archives of Zone-H, their website was also defaced back in 2015 by a hacker named N61tap. Take a look at the mirror page of the breached page:

Up to this time, the defaced page of World of Fun remains up and running. We will reach out to their personnel in charge to inform them of this security breach.

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