The Department of Education Marikina website was hacked yesterday by a hacker who goes by the alias Nero. The website has been defaced and is still up as of this writing.

From the content of the defaced website, Nero is seemed to be concerned about the security measures in place on the website. The hacker left a message assuring everyone that he did not delete any important files or database.

Further investigation revealed that Nero was indeed able to penetrate the website though we have yet to confirm if the database was indeed not compromised.


This is not the first time that DepEd Marikina became a subject of hackers. In 2013, Anonymous Philippines included them in the list of government websites that were defaced as part of a protest.

It’s also worth noting that various websites of DepEd have become a consistent target by hackers. Just last month, DepEd Calamba was among those that were breached by the hackers in an organized online event called April Lulz.

We have since coordinated this report to DepEd Marikina, the National Privacy Commission for the possible breached database and 8888 for proper actions and further comments.




For 8888, they have logged our report under Ref #: G20180513-456-2.

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