PLDT rolls out Wifi HotSpots for ‘PLDT Wifi Zone’ service

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is set to revolutionize our local internet experience, particularly in Metro Manila, with its newest offering – PLDT Wifi Zone.

As PLDT’s newest value-added service, the offer is good for all existing and new subscribers of PLDT both in myDSL and landline. With PLDT Wifi Zone, subscribers can make use of unlimited internet access on hotspots powered by PLDT and its sister company, SMART.

PLDT initially rolled out the service in key establishments in the metro and will soon be available in restaurants, malls, gas stations, bars, salons, hospitals – in almost every corners of Metro Manila.

According to its website, the service will cost you additional PhP150 per month if you’re an existing myDSL subscriber. PLDT landline users, on the other hand, will be charged PhP300 per month if you opt to experience this service. This charge is on top of your monthly plan.

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