MRT mCash cards are NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE. For three consecutive mornings at MRT North Station, their terminals are OFFLINE. I always had to ask for assistance from the security personnel to tap my card through the other mCash terminal next to them. But since mornings at MRT North Station are horrible due to massive number of people, I could not easily get an assistance from the MRT authorities. And so, I had to buy single journey ticket (stored values are usually not available) which takes time.

I don’t know why our technology in the Philippines sucks! We have great engineers and programmers competitively employed abroad but our own technology is always left behind.

According to mCash’s site, their cards were created similar to Singapore’s transportation card system. It is really a good idea to integrate mCash cards to MRT system (and even hope to integrate it too to LRT lines 1 and 2) considering that they have the most number of passengers daily. Unfortunately, the system sucks for there are times that they go offline. The service is a bit costly but its acceptable if the service is also outstanding. Unfortunately, it gives headaches to its users rather than hassle-free exeperience. And so, I’m hoping that they’ll improve their system.
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