After much conversations with the reps from Smart Wireless Center in Makati, I finally figured out that owning a BlackBerry Curve 8520 and maximizing it’s features will cost me a lot of money. And I mean, A LOT!

As a fresh graduate and a small time employee in a call center world, I guess, Smart’s BlackBerry Plan is expensive. But thanks to them for offering another option – their BlackBerry Unlimited Data Plans.

I was browsing for these data plans since I wanted to use ‘Bebs’ (it’s my BlackBerry Curve 8520) to it’s fullest. Smart offers 1 day unlimited for PhP50,  1 week unlimited for PhP300 and 1 month unlimited for PhP1200 (take note: this is for Smart Gold subscribers). To subscribe, Text BB to 2207 ex.BB DAY / BB MONTH / BB MONTH

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I haven’t tried it though. I’m still thinking if I could shoulder the added bill on my Smart Gold plan. As you know, these data plans are on top of the bill. 

So, this is the reason why I can’t go online for BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) or use other BlackBerry apps because I haven’t subscribed to the BlackBerry Plan (which is, according to the rep, I need to upgrade from my Smart Gold Consumable Plan 800 to Plan 1200) or with these BlackBerry Data Plans. According to the rep that I was able to talked early this afternoon, Smart’s mobile connectivity does not guarantee the BB user that he’ll experience the freedom in all of the BB applications because it’s limited. So, he suggested to subscribe to any of the available Smart BB plans for me to enjoy the advantage of having my ‘Bebs’. Otherwise, be contented with the wifi hotspots.
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