I was so tempted to switch networks recently from Smart Gold to Globe Postpaid. I just love Globe’s Super Plan that’s why I’m asking my friends to give me some advice about this. Most of my friends who are in postpaid are subscribed to Globe. So, as you can see, their answers are all biased.
Actually, I still love Smart’s services though I still keep my Globe and Sun prepaid SIMs with me in case I’ll need them. Though it’s also true that most of my friends and officemates are with Globe, I can still proudly say that Smart is still the leading mobile service provider in our country. 
A few months ago, I was so disappointed with my Smart Gold Blackberry Plan. After a month of being subscribed to this plan, I asked their Wireless Center representatives to downgrade my plan from Blackberry to a regular Gold account due to some problems of the network with their tie up with Blackberry. Until I was informed about a tweet from a fellow Smart Gold subscriber. She told me that Smart has this newest promo exclusive to all Blackberry users be it Smart Buddy or Gold. I immediately searched it on Smart’s website and found out that this is really cheaper as compared to their previous BB packages.
For those who are not yet aware, Smart is offering two new cheaper BB packages for both it’s prepaid and postpaid subscribers. 
First is the Blackberry Lite Social Bundle. This package is being offered in two options – daily and monthly. Basically, with this bundle, all Smart Buddy and Gold subscribers will get unlimited use of Blackberry social network sites (MySpace, Twitter and Facebook) and instant messaging (BBM, Yahoo! Messenger, etc) all for just Php35 per day (keyword: Social Day, send to 2207) or Php650 per month (keyword: Social Month, send to 2207). 
The other Smart BB promo is the Blackberry Lite Email Bundle. With this, subscribers will get unlimited use of email and instant messaging for just Php35 per day (keyword: Email Day, send to 2207) or Php650 per month (keyword: Email Month, send to 2207).
I decided to take the BB Lite Social Bundle good for one day. At first, it’t not working via SMS registration. So I went to Smart Wireless Center TriNoma to ask for assistance. The rep asked me to pay first the Php 35 registration fee on their teller and after that, everything’s working fine. I can access my Twitter and Facebook account wherever I go!
This promo is really cheaper as compared to their previous Unlimited Blackberry Data Plan which will cost you Php 1200 on top of your plan and you need to upgrade your account to a Blackberry Plan. Also, you need to pay for an additional relay fee on top of your plan. Good thing, Smart was able to offer this promo!
Just a reminder when registering to this promo, always check your BB phone setting to fully access this promo service. Check your APN setting. It should be set to blackberry.net. Also, under Mobile Network Options, your Data Services should be set to ON mode.
For more information about this promo, visit Smart.
So for now, yes, I’m staying with Smart! 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Smart’s Blackberry Lite Social, Email Bundles”
  1. @tia,

    Yes. With this retailed version of BB services, Smart divided two different services to two separate plan. So if you’re into Twitter/FB, you may opt to register with their BB Lite Social. But if you’re more on email, choose BB Lite Email. But as far as I remember, both these plans do not offer web browsing. Regular browsing rate will still apply.

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