After releasing Unli Postpaid, SMART now brings another exciting offer to all SMART Gold subscribers – SMART All In!

To answer the need to customize their postpaid plans, SMART follows Globe’s first initiatives in their postpaid brand. SMART now allows Gold subscribers to register on various mobile promos or packages without worrying that these will be billed on top of the plan.

SMART All In allows you to register to UnliTalk, UnliText, IDD Bundle Saver, Unli Mail, Internet Bundle, Internet Bundle Upgrade, UnliSurf and Unli BlackBerry Full using your own plan.

Say for example, you are in Plan 500 and you want to avail UnliText for PhP350 for 30 days. With SMART All-In, you can consume your plan by registering to UnliText. The PhP350 fee will be charged to your Plan 500. This will not be billed on top of your plan which means, you’ll get a remaining PhP150 available balance on your plan once you registered to UnliText service.

The downside of availing SMART All-In is that you won’t get the free SMS and calls that you usually get from your regular plan. According to the SMART rep who introduced this promo to me in SMART Store EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, SMART All In is a fully consumable plan that let’s you consume your credits whether in regular mobile services (SMS, calls, mobile internet) or register to on-going Gold-applicable packages (UnliTalk, UnliText, Unli Mail, UnliSurf etc).

Here are the current SMART All In Service Packages available for SMART Gold:

  • UNLITALK – Unlimited Voice to SMART to SMART calls for PhP 500/30 days – Text TALK to 7577
  • UNLITEXT – Unlimited SMS to SMART, TNT and RED for PhP350/30 days – Text TEXT to 7577
  • IDD BUNDLE SAVER – Call at local rate plus FREE 5 mins IDD for PhP200/30 days – Text IDD to 7577
  • UNLI MAIL – Unlimited mobile push email for PhP200/30 days – Text MAIL to 7577
  • INTERNET BUNDLE – 8 hours of mobile internet browsing for PhP100/30 days – Text IB1 to 7577
  • INTERNET BUNDLE UPGRADE – 20 hours of mobile internet browsing for PhP200/30days – Text IB2 to 7577
  • UNLISURF – Unlimited mobile browsing for PhP1000/30 days – Text SURF to 7577
  • UNLI BLACKBERRY FULL – Unlimited email, browsing, social networks and instant messaging for PhP1200/30 days – Text BB FULL to 7577

Visit any SMART Wireless Center or SMART Store nearest you to inquire about this new service.

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