I’m quite disappointed with my BlackBerry Curve 8520. Why?
I’m still trying to explore myself to the BlackBerry world – it’s complexity but very awesome features. Though I went to Smart Wireless Center Makati a couple of times to know more about their data plans for my Bebs, I’m still not satisfied with their answers. I want to have a concrete answers to my questions.
One of my questions is using the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). According to the rep, I need to be registered first to Smart’s BlackBerry plan in order to enjoy the service. Initially, I refused the offer. The plans are quite expensive for a service not so popular to Filipinos. Also, by just merely thinking of it, I could still use the BBM service even without the Smart’S BB data plan because there’s still another option – using wifi from companies like https://www.eatelbusiness.com/business-internet/.
When I tried connecting to a wifi hotspot, I can connect to the internet but not with BBM. I searched over the internet for the reasons and realized that, I could not use the BBM service without a data plan.
So, this means, if I really wanted the service, I’ll have to register for the Smart BB Data Plan and agree to the corresponding fee that will reflect on my monthly Smart Gold bill. Whew!
In the end, I decided not to avail the data plan unless I badly needed it. As of now, I’ll just content myself with the services of BB using wifi hotspots. But I do want to learn more about Eatel.
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