I am not planning to blog this but I don’t know where to submit my letter to Smart. I was trying to use the After Sales request form via Smart Connect website but whenever I click on submit, it always says there’s an error. I’m guessing it’s because of the length of my letter. I also tried looking for an e-mail support from Smart but found nothing. So, I decided to post this letter on this blog and submit the URL via Smart Connect and Twitter. Here’s my concern:

This is to file a complaint to those representatives who assisted me on upgrading my account to Plan 1200.

Before I upgraded my account to Plan 1200, I was asking the representatives from Smart WC Makati about the internet charges (around P200+) on my April 2010 bill. They told me that it was from the internet charges. I told them that I did not use my BB Curve 8520 when browsing aside from doing it via wifi connection. They told me that the phone automatically directs to Smart internet connection when wifi signal fluctuates. I was not aware of this and so I told them that I’ll be paying for the bill but they need to turn off all the internet services that are available on my handset. They did and set it all in wifi. They also suggested me to upgrade my account to Plan 1200 so as to enroll it to a BB Plan. I did what they suggested so that I won’t get any hassle whenever I wanted to use all the BB features on my phone such as BB Messenger and applications like Twitter for BB and Facebook.

I went to Smart WC Caloocan to submit the required documents needed for the upgrade. They processed it smoothly and the day after, when I was able to visit Smart WC Trinoma, they told me that my request for an upgrade was already approved. I asked the rep there to inform me for any other things that I need to know regarding the BB Plan. The lady just hand me a copy of Smart BB Helpdesk phone numbers and a website where I can enroll all my exiting emails. FYI: I was told that my BB Plan automatically enrolls me to the Push Email service which is P300+ on top of my plan. I agreed with it considering that the service is an unlimited email service.

I was able to talk to a manager named Stephanie Tumacay from Smart Cust Serv hotline and she assisted me with all my requests including my request to file a complaint to those from the WC who assisted me with my plan upgrade. She never gave a service ref number though I ask for one. She told me she’ll be taking note of all my concerns and just gave me her name for future needs.

I felt like I was robbed considering that I only get to upgrade my account just last week. I hope you could understand my sentiments. I’ve been with Smart for a quite a long time and I don’t want to switch networks just because of misunderstandings. I want these issues be cleared. Ever since I got my Blackberry, I have been going to Smart WC to ask them about the services and all the charges. I have done my part as a consumer to be aware of Smart’s services with BB. You can even check my records for you to know that I’ve been such a loyal subscriber wanting to enjoy the network’s services that’s why I always drop by at any WC whenever I have a question or inquiry. It would be so unfair if these representatives would not do their job to help their customers.

I will not pay the required amount to lift my account. I will be waiting for a phone call from Smart to clear these issues first and do the necessary corrections on my account. This is NOT my fault. I DID my best to contact Smart about the things I needed to know about my BB but look at what happened to my bill, I was charged for like almost P4000! Considering all the efforts that I’ve done to reach for Smart people from the Wireless Centers to the hotline number, I never failed asking you people about your services. It’s just that you didn’t take my issues important.

I hope you could do something about my issue. I will wait for your phone call for any updates. Thank you and God bless!

I’ll update this blog with how Smart handled this issue. I just hope that they’ll be fair with this concern.

UPDATE: 06/03/2010

I got a call from Smart Tech Supp and the lady verified my phone settings. I told her all the current settings on my Blackberry and she told me that everything is properly set in wifi. I asked her if now that she was able to confirm that my settings are properly set, what will be the next thing that I/we should do in order to dispute the bill. She told me that we still need to wait until my Smart Gold bill for this month will be generated. When that comes, that will be on June 24, that’s the only time that we can open the issue for dispute. I told her to call me back by then. She also sent me via email instructions on how to reboot my unit to delete other applications that can be the source of internet charges running on my bill.

UPDATE: 06/09/2010

A representative from Smart named Choi Co Chua called to update me with my concern on my plan. According to her, the investigation regarding my disputes were already done and that all the charges appeared on my account are all valid. I told her that, of course, these charges will appear on my account considering that I’m using a data phone. She first verified my phone settings. Like that of the previous representative, she ask me about my default browser connection. I told her that it is set to ‘wifi.’ Aside from that, she checked my TCP/IP connection. Since my phone came from abroad, the setting was initially set to T-Mobile. She ask me to delete it and uncheck the TCP/IP setting. This setting should only be checked if the handset will be used as a modem. The connection of TCP/IP should be set to ‘internet’ not to T-Mobile.

Also, the rep was able to clear some confusions I have from the plan upgrade. I was told that the relay was for push email but Ms. Chua told me that it is not just about the push email, it is regarding my connection to Blackberry services. This relay fee is actually a fee collected for Blackberry which is separate from the bill that Smart is charging to it’s users.

I decided to turn OFF all the connections that I have and will be opening it once I only wanted to be connected to a wifi hotspot. But the charges on my bill will never be adjusted by Smart, according to Ms. Chua.

Now I understand the charges. Unfortunately, it will all be billed still under my account since she was saying that the charges are all valid – meaning, the service/s was/were successfully used. I agreed that I’ll be paying for the required amount for the account to be waived from redirection.

I would like to commend this representative – Ms. Choi Co Chua – for a job well done in explaining the charges and the settings on my phone call. She’s one of the few people from Smart who are really knowledgeable. Still, I would want to file a complaint with all those reps who assisted me from the Wireless Centers (Ayala, Caloocan and TriNoma), they should all be trained again. For subscribers who are using data phones such as Blackberry, they should be responsible in giving pertinent information to these subscribers. I couldn’t say that I did not do my part on this. As I’ve said, I always make it a point to drop by to any WC for any questions I may have in mind but these Smart front liners are all (I’ll just use this phrase) ‘less knowledgeable.’ I hope that Smart could do something to train their agents like what they did to Ms. Chua.


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6 thoughts on “Issue with my Smart Blackberry Plan”
  1. @Kimeh,

    well, that’s the sad part of it. I can’t switch networks just because of this misunderstandings. And I don’t want to change my number anyway. So I’m sticking with Smart regardless of the poor customer service they have. S*cks!


    If you’re in postpaid, either you avail of the BB relay fee (additional P200-300+ on top of your bill) or of the unlimited BB services available in three denominations – daily (P50), weekly and monthly (P1200).

    If you’re in Prepaid, you can still avail of the unlimited BB data plans.

    You can’t fully use your BB phone without enrolling it to any of the Smart’s BB plans.

    And, regarding the settings, it’s still advisable, despite their poor customer service, to visit any Wireless Center for them to assist you. I suggest you go to Smart WC SM North EDSA Annex. One of the rep their is very much knowledgeable about BB services. 🙂

  2. hey. can you post the settings that they gave for your phone? i just got my bb and i was trying to figure out how i can use the wifi connection instead of the gprs. i understand from your blog that i couldn’t use the BBM without connecting the gprs. so what else can i not do without that and what else can i do with just the wifi?

    thank you.

  3. To be completely honest, the best blackberry plan provide is actually Globe. I have proved this myself through the years of my mom’s company using blackberry enterprise. I really can’t believe that Smart wont even waive you bill!

  4. @Cebu Tech Blogger,

    I just do hope that they would do something about this. Today actually ends the 24 hour period that they are saying that someone from their tech supp dept would call me. I haven’t received any phone call yet. Hayz Smart!

  5. It’s good to see you addressed concerns left attended through your blog. In this way they will become more aware of putting customers on top priority. I have several complaints about Smart services, which I think unfair enough for me despite giving fair reviews to some of its products…

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