Safari 5: Good and Bad News!

Apple announced on Monday, June 7, 2010, the release of Safari 5 browser for Windows and Mac users. It is considered as the faster version of Safari which uses DNS prefetching to speed up page loads. Also, the version 5 of Safari is primarily focused on standards compatibility as opposed to cosmetic improvements shown on Safari 4.

One of the great features that Safari 5 has is it’s Reader feature. It allows the user to get the meat or substance of the page they are reading by removing all the ‘clutters’ or ads and other widgets present on a website. In this way, the user can only focus on the text that he is reading without the hassle of viewing additional content that is not related or of third party content. With Safari Reader, the user can enlarge the text, print, or email the contents for sharing.

Other parties call for not supporting this new feature of Safari. Though the good feedback is that it can provide fresh information to the reader without those marketing ads, the downside of it is that online marketers and advertisers will lose their customers. We all know that internet users are direct clients of these online advertisers. If a browser can easily remove these ads by discretion of the user, then that will lower the marketing value of online ads because people would normally turn this ads off. It is like you’re giving the TV audience the right to watch a TV program without commercials.

What do you think of this Safari Reader?

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  1. @Novell,

    I agree! A question just came out of curiosity. Is Safari Reader applicable with the Safari mobile? hmmm..

  2. safari is really better as a mobile browser

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