I am joining this year’s much-awaited writing project – Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2010! This is the most exciting contest out there! This is open to all the blogs around the world so you may want to join this project! You can vote for those blogs that started from March 1, 2009 to present. Visit Ms. Janette Torals’ Influential Blogger site for more details of the writing project.
As I was promoting it on my previous post, I am voting for my entertainment blog – Around The Buzz PRIMETIME! (ATBP!) – as this year’s one of the Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers! You can try visiting my entertainment blog to browse some of it’s contents.
I am also voting for another entertainment blog – Darlasauler.com – making it as the second blog to be included on my Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers for 2010. I like her tabloid-style up-to-date blog posts about the celebrities and their shows. I know she’s an ABS-CBN insider that’s why she can post these contents but she was the first to do it! Who would have thought that while working within the vicinity of the celebrities themselves, you can also blog about them and their shows? Only Darla can do it that’s why she’s ‘ABS-CBN’s prettiest!’

I have yet to name the remaining 8 blogs to complete my list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2010. In the coming days, I will be updating this post with my bets. Also, I will be picking up from bloggers who will be voting for my entertainment blog – Around The Buzz PRIMETIME! – as one of their Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers to be part of my list! So, make sure to post your links on the comment section so that I could include you on my prospects!

Thanks guys! Please support my blog on your entries! Thanks! More power bloggers!

UPDATE as of August 28, 2010:

Here are the remaining blogs included on Top 10 list:

3. Rabsing.com

4. ManilaShopaholic

5. Reklamotion

UPDATE as of August 29, 2010:

6. TV Series Craze

7. Jay.eLx

You can check my past entries too! Click for my entry on 2007 and 2009. Thanks!

Kudos to the following sponsors for making this writing project possible:  Events and Corporate VideoBudget hotel in MakatiPinoy Party FoodCopyediting ServicesPR Agency PhilippinesBudget Travel Philippines, and Corporate Events Organizer.

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Fjordan Allego aka Fjordz is an IT security practitioner in the Philippines. He maintains a couple of blogs where he shares his views on various topics that he finds interesting. A self-confessed introvert who's mostly active in social media, Fjordz also loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world.

21 thoughts on “HIRAYA’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2010”
  1. hope you can consider mine. 🙂

    Kilala mo ba sila ELY, MARKUS, LEMON, at BUDDY? Nagkaroon ba kayo ng KARAOKE MACHINE at nakakanta gamit ang MINUS ONE o MULTIPLEX CASSETTE TAPES? Nag-alaga ka rin ba ng mga mababangong KISSES at umasang manganganak ang mga ito? Alam mo ba ang universal cheat code na UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, B, A, SELECT, START?

    Balik-balikan ang saya ng DEKADA NOBENTA….Pindot na Dito!!

    Sana ay makabisita ka at ma-check mo kung pasado ba ang blog ko sa criteria mo para sa TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS FOR 2010!!

    Lahat ng tao ay may jologs side!! Rakenrol \m/

  2. @EricaOrange,

    thanks for dropping by! Sure! I’ll visit your site and check it! Super thanks!


    thanks for nominating ATBP! on your ManilaReviews blog! Will check out your blogs too!


    Hi dude! Super thanks! Let me know kung nasa list mo na yung ATBP! I’ll be posting your URL here and on ATBP! thanks!


    super thanks bro!

  3. heya! please do visit ManilaShopaholic.com, ManilaFitness.com and ManilaMomy.com 🙂 Hope you find these blogs interesting!

    thanks ~ ginger (manilareviews.com)

  4. Hey! 🙂 I’m inviting you to visit tara-na.com. It’s a food and travel blog I created to motivate me to explore new places. This blog is inspired by a goal which is to travel the world bit by bit. I would start from my province and then progress to neighboring provinces to nearby countries and so on. 🙂 I wish to wake up someday and just suddenly realize that I have already achieved my goal. So yeah, it’s a long term project for myself. 🙂 You may want to consider it for your pick of the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2010. Thank you! 🙂 And cheers to this writing project!

  5. @rabsin_d,

    ahoy! yup! all entries who voted for my entertainment blog will be shortlisted to be included on my remaining 8 spots for my Top 10! Wohoo! Super thanks!


    in the coming days, I will be completing my list. Hope you can join too and vote for ATBP! thanks!

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