In recognition to the newly created blogs that are making great contributions in their respective niches, Blogger Engineer is once again joining the writing campaign and nominating this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.

First on our list is The Dailypedia. If you want to be updated with the trending news, the team behind the blog is always ready to post what’s going on. Subscribe to their blog and you’ll know what I’m saying.

If you are into freelancing and would want to know more how you can maximize your time and gain extra income, Raket Hub is the place to be. Majority of the recent posts though are for entrepreneurs and those working online. People can check out some passive income ideas from here if they are looking for the best investment options.

Those who are working in the BPO industry would surely relate to BPO True Stories. If you want to know more about news involving the BPO sector, subscribe to this blog and be updated.

If you’re into food, Lallie Peralejo’s blog is a good read. Being a travel enthusiast herself, you’d see how she managed to incorporate her travel escapades to the food she features on her blog.

Another cool new blog out there is Freelance Blend. As its name suggests, the blog caters to freelancers and entrepreneurs. Plus, this blog is into podcasting. Do check it out!

Dok Tour is also a pretty cool bog. It’s my first time to come across a blog written by a medical practitioner that focuses on stuff that are not really directly related to their profession. A doctor writing about food and travel? You bet!

There’s also a 14-year-old movie buff blogging via Dateline Movies. Care to read his reviews and comments about the recent movies he watched? Go over to his blog and see if he’ll pass as a soon-to-be movie critic.

A new tech blog called Techno Rush is also making a name by blogging about the latest in gadgets and other updates related to technology.

A new attempt to do a travel blog is through Sole Searching Soul. Imagine travelling and making a difference in the community that you travel to.

Eats Now or Never is yet another new food blog but this one’s different. As their tag line says, it’s for “people who like playing with their food.”

That wraps up our 10 nominees for this year’s Emerging Influential Blogs. If you want to join the campaign, just blog about your 10 nominees. Make sure that these new blogs were created starting August 1, 2013 and should have no less than 20 posts  by the time of nomination.

Thanks as well to the following sponsors for making this writing project possible:
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