After almost two years since the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology landed in the Philippines, the third mobile operator in the country – Sun Cellular – finally offered the service to its customers.

Leading telco operators Globe Telecom and Sun’s sister company, Smart Communications, started rolling out LTE to their postpaid customers back in 2012 and later on offered the service to their prepaid counterparts. Sun Cellular, on the other hand, just recently joined the bandwagon by offering their LTE version initially as a postpaid subscription.

On the recent update on their website, the network’s introductory plan offering is via the LTE Plan 999 that comes with 4GB of Internet surfing and a device which depends on the holding period.

Should the customer prefers to get an LTE Plan 999 for 12 months, the LTE USB Modem is the device that is bundled with the plan. It also has an initial cash-out of Php2,800. For 24 months, LTE Pocket WiFi is being offered with Php1,500 as the initial cash-out.

Apart from the LTE Plan 999, Sun also offers an Easy LTE Plan. This includes a SIM-only plan with a holding period of 3 months, and the LTE USB Modem and LTE Pocket WiFi plans without holding periods but with higher cash-out prices – Php4,500 and Php3,500 respectively.

Sun does not guarantee though that subscribers can get the full 42Mbps LTE speed but provided a heads up on their FAQ page that a minimum GPRS speed of 12 to 48 Kbps at 80% service reliability rate will be available.

The LTE coverage is pretty much the same with Sun’s mother network, Smart, which we can probably say that Smart carries the LTE coverage of Sun.

The question is, should you get an LTE plan with Sun knowing that their current data service isn’t performing well? As the all networks say, their signal and performance really depend on your location. So, you better check first the connection reliability of Sun in your area before finally signing in for a postpaid plan.

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