We often cling to some things that has some sort of sentimental value that eventually becomes clutter in our lives. And we know that the only way to move past it, is to get rid of it. Why not sell it and make it to good use to other people?

lamido site

Lamido is one of thevery fewtrusted marketplace for buying and selling of  stuff. From new gadgets, fashion pieces, and other things, Lamido has a wide array of products that can prove to be very useful to anyone.

Aside from a seamless website that makes online shopping a breeze, Lamido’s Mobile App is currently available for download at Google Play. With just a few flicks of your screen, it makes online shopping so convenient for people on-the-go. You can get the latest online deals straight from your phone through daily notifications.


With the release of the mobile app, they are also releasing  exclusive deals for the Lamido App. Check out these cool items at a discounted price, specially tailored to the app users.

A sports fan or even a fitness enthusiast? Lamido has a wide assortment of fitness equipment that can jump start your new goal and lifestyle. Check the list of equipment available here at a very affordable price.


Lamido is designed to provide the best and safest marketplace for sellers, merchants and buyers. They made it easy not only to buy, but also sell things. With all these conveniences, Lamido guarantees that you get your ordered items safely delivered at your doorstep in their best conditions.

So if you want to declutter your life, try selling the junk you don’t use. You get a few extra bucks and not to mention, you’ll never know how it might help other people, and you..

Have you tried buying or selling things from Lamido?

Start shopping by signing up at Lamido. Follow them on Facebook and  Twitter using the hashtags, #lamidoPH and #lamidopilipinas 

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One thought on “Lamido: the easiest way to Buy and Sell things”
  1. Bought from lamido in Malaysia but didn’t receive the item. Went to contact them but the site closed down and is redirected to lazada. Contacted lazada’s customer service but they will not help. I will NOT buy from them next time.

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