CyberTrends entered an agreement allowing them to legally operate Blogger Engineer.

Local cybersecurity firm CyberTrends Solutions officially acquired technology blog Blogger Engineer as the company gears up for more partnerships and acquisitions this 2019. This recent move will help the company further promote cybersecurity and data privacy online.

CyberTrends recently entered into an agreement that will enable them to legally operate Blogger Engineer. The blog, on the other hand, will now take the information security niche as it starts carrying news and updates regarding the industry. Blogger Engineer will also cover events and activities where CyberTrends is involved.

Last month, Blogger Engineer covered the “I am I.T.” event in Ilocos where CyberTrends was invited to deliver a talk about cybersecurity. More events are expected to be covered as the firm continues to expand networks among fellow IT consultancy companies and other professionals.

Readers and followers of both brands can now expect more updates as the two share their resources in order to deliver quality contents for the community.

The blogger behind Blogger Engineer is also one of the co-founders of CyberTrends. Rooted to their passion, this acquisition could help boost their efforts in spreading cybersecurity and data privacy awareness to Filipinos worldwide.

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