A company focused on cybersecurity and data privacy, CyberTrends Solutions has extended its portfolio to add web development service. Now, their existing and future clients can enjoy an online platform developed with security in mind using wordpress hosting from knownhost.

Multiple local websites are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Blogger Engineer has been featuring a number of web defacements and other security incidents related to unsecured and improper website configurations. This paved the way for the company to include web development service in their offerings.

Earlier this year, CyberTrends has entered into a contract with GMO Internet Group – Z.com, a global internet company. The partnership kicked off the web development service that CyberTrends will start to offer.

Among the Z.com products that CyberTrends will be able to use for its web development service are Z.com Cloud (a high-performance cloud hosting), Z.com SSL and Z.com Premium Web. You can visit https://www.fortinet.com/products/cloud-access-security-broker to get some more details.

CyberTrends promises a total web development package. To provide smooth service, the company offers end-to-end solution by giving clients a complete solution for their online platform – from domain registration up to web designing, Discover more.

Interested clients may email webdev@cybertrends.solutions for more information.


Disclaimer: Blogger Engineer is now part of the CyberTrends Solutions’ network of brands. This blog and the company’s own website are both under renovation to provide customers a brand new look and feel.

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