As with any transportation business, airports have to grow and change over time. Standards fluctuate and technology changes, leaving room for upgrades and renovations. Airport construction projects are important to the health of an airport. Not only do you need to modernize aging airports, but safety matters in these cases too. Sometimes, the upgrades create a safer environment. Other times, the renovations are to accommodate an influx of people.

Airport Design and Upgrades

To renovate an airport, you have to have very specific design plans. You have to account for every minute detail. From designs of aprons, taxiways, landside infrastructure, helipads and more, the designer has to take every aspect of the landscape and surrounding airport into account. Airport systems planning and design often include:

  • Construction supervision and management
  • Cost estimations
  • General and technical project specifications
  • Pavement marking design
  • Airfield landscaping
  • 3-D grading and airfield contouring
  • Horizontal, vertical and geometric layout and design
  • Drainage systems
  • Pavement design

Extensive talks with a designer and architect usually follow plans to renovate an airport for any reason at all. Many designers work on several types of airports, whether they are small regional airports or large international airports.

Airport Growth and Profit

As your airport grows, so does your profit. The airport industry makes around 161 billion dollars in a year. Of course, like any business, the profit increase happens when you put the effort into it. You have to have the means to carry more passengers and to be appealing to people who may choose a larger airport over yours.

Airports have to change with modern technology. While maintenance helps refresh an airport, after a while, it isn’t enough. Eventually, airports need to do an overhaul. They may need more runways or other upgrades and renovations. When the need comes, there the designs have to be precise and equipment like construction lift have to be provided, for customer comfort and safety.

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