The growing demand for part time jobs in the country shows that the new generation of Filipinos is very much open to rendering more time for work. Those who are already tied up with their regular jobs are still looking for extra income primarily because the cost of living, specially in Metro Manila, is also increasing. As we cope up with this trend, most rely on the opportunities being offered by BPOs and online freelancing jobs. is one of those who offer part time jobs to those who can write. Being in the industry for seven years now, the company knows how to value its pool of writers by making its community more interactive and by organizing meetups to establish rapport. provides opportunities for part time writers to earn more by giving out set of topics to write on. Payment may not be that high but is already acceptable if you’re just doing it on your idle times at work. There are also students who are earning from this site regularly. A lot of work at home moms are also enjoying the benefits of this job. highly encourages those that are just staying at home to sign up and be productive. So long as you have an active Internet connection and can express your thoughts in English, you are always welcome to apply.

Article assignments in are usually for search engine optimization (SEO) of websites of various clients, which is a part of internet marketing which can be helped by internet marketing services in Austin. Along with the topic, you will be provided with specific keyword/s to use when writing an article. You won’t have to worry about the technical side of SEO. You can check more information on marketing and SEO , here! If you’re looking for a team of data driven, conversion increasing, and search engine perfectionists, then a good services like SEO Toronto is all you need!

Just write according to the instructions indicated on the set that you have committed and you’re good to go. You will encounter different topics ranging from finance, travel, gadgets, science to absolutely everything under the sun. If you’re not familiar with the topic, Google is your friend. Feel free to research about the topic so you can write about it freely.

Apart from the writers, there are editors as well who constantly review all submitted articles. Plagiarism and other similar works are not tolerated. Poorly written articles and those that are not following instructions will be rejected as well though will be provided with ample time to modify these assignments.

The editors are also there to help you out if you are in trouble. Their contact details are available on the website and the forum is also open so other writers can assist you should you have concerns regarding your assignments.

Regarding payment, upon hiring, you will be asked to include your bank details where your salary will be directly deposited. By the way, your salary won’t be deposited on a fixed date in a month. It will only be deposited upon your request. You may want to have your salary deposited to your account as soon as you’ve reached P5,000.

Working in is truly a rewarding experience. You’ll earn more if you write more. There’s no bond as well so you can always take an assignment when you feel you have a lot of free time to spend with. Apply now at!

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