The official GCash Care account in Facebook

A scammer can also get scammed and owned by the people they intend to victimize. That’s what happened to the person behind a fake GCash Care Facebook account that presents itself as the official customer support of the mobile app.

Similar to other local tech-enabled companies, GCash has opted to open a customer care channel through the social media giant Facebook. While it does help in reaching out to their growing subscribers, it also opened a whole new door for scammers. Now, all they need to do is create a Facebook Page that looks exactly like GCash Care, the company’s official customer service account in FB.

FB search result for GCash Care.

Searching for GCash Care in FB could give you multiple results. One could argue that it’s easy to recognize the official ones because they have ‘Verified Page’ icons (blue check marks) right next to their names. But, a lot of people could still be victimized by these small-time scammers.

LJ Alfega, one of the users of the app, decided to play with the scammer behind one of the fake GCash Care accounts in FB. After noticing multiple people posting their conversations with the bogus account, she went in and did the same. To her surprise, her experience would be the best among all those who messaged the scammer. Take a look at the screenshots below:

Alfega first asked about GCash’s support hours and followed it up with her main concern – the cashback for paying bills. Instead of answering her queries, the bogus account immediately asked her to verify some personal account information. And when she did, he asked for an authentication code.

Alfega’s conversation with the fake GCash Care FB account Part 1

The scammer is very insistent in getting the correct authentication code even after multiple failed attempts. Obviously, Alfega is just trying to test the scammer’s patience but he just seemed to be so persistent until…

Alfega’s conversation with the fake GCash Care FB account Part 2

Alfega’s conversation with the fake GCash Care FB account Part 3

The scammer realized that he just got owned by Alfega after sharing his selfie to her. When Alfega tried to press him for further verification, she got blocked.

This is just one of the many funny stories shared by other GCash users who started poking fun in the fake accounts. However, this should not just be treated lightly as people could lose a serious amount of money. GCash already released an advisory last February 1 to ensure that their customers are only dealing with their official channels. The company also added that they “will not be liable for any consequences that may result from dealing outside of their official channels.”

GCash Advisory
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