Ever wanted to purchase something online but unable to do so because you don’t have a credit card? Or the online shopping store requires a valid US address? Well, at this point in time, wherever you are in the Philippines so long as you have a GCash account, you can now easily buy your favorite stuff on the Internet and have it delivered right at your doorstep via the recent tie up of Globe and American Express – the GCash American Express Virtual Card.

First reported on March 2012, GCash American Express Virtual Card empowers Filipino online shoppers by getting what they wanted and paying it through the regular American Express payment method.

Regular GCash users need to register first to associate their accounts with this new service. Currently, the virtual card is being offered for free on its first month. Succeeding months will depend on your preference: Php25 for one additional month, Php140 for six additional months or Php250 for the next 12 months. You may register on this link.

This partnership between Globe and American Express also provides you with a virtual US address that you’ll be using in case the online shop requires you to enter one. This was made possible with GCash’s partnership with My Shopping Box (MSB). They will be in-charged with the shipping information of your stuff to your Philippine address. Standard shipping rates apply to Philippine deliveries.

This introduction of online shopping convenience makes it really possible for the Philippine netizens to be involved and exposed with the latest trend in the world as we can just purchase it online even without the company officially launched the items in the country.

For a detailed information on how to register and use GCash American Express Virtual Card, you may refer to this link or call the GCash Hotline 2882 using your Globe mobile number.

This post was first published at KabayanTech.

Photo Credit: GadgetPilipinas

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