Looks like Google is working on advancing its mobile payment system called Google Wallet.

After its launch in September 2011, the system was not widely accepted due to limitations of near field communications (NFC) that the mobile payment is utilizing. But after almost a year, Google released in August a cloud-based version of the Wallet supporting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Now, a report from Android Police says the Internet giant will soon offer a physical version of Google Wallet.

This Google Wallet Card will give options to users to add multiple debit or credit cards into one Google Wallet account. If the user prefers to purchase something in the real world, he may then select which account to use by doing the necessary configurations on his Google Wallet and use it to pay just like the usual debit or credit card. So, instead of bringing all your cards, you may just use your Google Wallet Card.

The report is not yet confirmed by Google though Mashable has also shared similar post this week. Android Police also shares screenshots of the Google Wallet Card and some of its features.

One of the features of soon-to-be-all-new Google Wallet is its ability to send and withdraw money and even person-to-person money transfers (think of our local Smart Money and GCash).

This news is really exciting as it will be a pioneering mobile payment service to integrate all such features not to mention it may also cater transit cards transactions.

There’s no assurance yet if Google can easily roll out this awesome innovation to other parts of the world including us here in the Philippines. But who knows? Google’s Android has a big and growing market here.

This post was first published at KabayanTech.

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