Receive Twitter updates thru mobile with Twe2!

Everyone is hooked up with Twitter and Plurk, two of the most interactive social networking and microblogging sites. And since not all can stay 24 hours in front of their computers, there are applications and sites offering mobile access to these two sites.

Phtwitter and Phplurk allow users from the Philippines to send their twits and plurks from their mobile anytime and anywhere. These gave them the power to stay connected to their cyber friends even when they’re not online.

The only thing that Phtwitter and Phplurk limit to its users is that, they can only send messages but do not provide the accessibiility needed for the replies.

Here’s a powerful tool for all Twitter users out there. I got this from my lil bro.

Twitters can now received reply updates through their mobiles absolutely for free through Twe2!

According to their site,

I’m actually using this one and it’s very helpful. And surely, its for free! So try it!

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